Do you understand key points of plastic precision injection molding?

With rapid development of electronics, telecommunications, medical, automotive and other industries, requirements for high precision and performance of plastic products are increasing day by day. Precision injection molding requires not only high dimensional accuracy, low warpage, but also excellent optical properties. Injection moulding is one of the most important plastic molding methods. How to improve level of injection moulding technology, produce high-precision plastic products, and create high value-added products. Injection mold design is an important link.

Power tool housing injection mold design

In this paper, injection mold design of power tool casing is taken as an example to introduce design features of plastic injection mold tooling exported to Netherlands. Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy, located in northwest of Europe, European origin of famous Eurasian Continental Bridge. Europe is one of the most developed regions in the world for mold industry. Germany established its own mold standard system in 1950s. The most commonly used European injection molds standard are German HASCO standard.

Seventeen injection mold design rules for attention

Mold industry is a basic industry in manufacturing industry and a basis for transformation of technological achievements. At the same time, it is an important field of high-tech industries. It is called “magnetic industry” in industrialized countries such as Europe and United States.

A rare set of German injection mold design process and details!

Germany is one of the first countries in Europe to produce molds. Its mould manufacturing technology and quality have been recognized by users all over the world. It is well-known in the world and is one of the most important high-end mould suppliers in the world. After years of practice and exploration, German mould manufacturing companies have formed a consensus: whole industry must be coordinated, teamwork, technological innovation, learn from each other's strengths, make progress together, and play a good overall advantage to achieve industry success.

Analysis on development status and future trend of China plastic injection molding industry

Mold is an important process equipment in material forming processing. Products that can be produced often have many times value of mold itself, and mold can easily mass produce a large number of parts with value and satisfying quality requirements. Therefore, molds are widely used in machinery, electronics, automotive, information, aviation, aerospace, light, military, transportation, building materials, medical, biological, energy and other industries. About 60%-80% of parts and components in above industries rely on injection moulding process.

Export injection mold design standards and processes

What we usually call export molds are generally divided into three categories: one is to export molds in Europe; the second is to export molds in Japan and South Korea; the third is to export molds in North America. Main basis for such classification is to classify according to existing international mold standard system.