Trouble shooting and preventive treatment after mold is locked

In injection molding work, everyone often encounters confusion that mold suddenly cannot be opened after mold is locked. Author combines our own daily maintenance work notes, analyzes and summarizes possible factors of failure to mold opening from setting of process parameters, circuit, oil circuit and mechanical part. I would like to share with you here, if there are any deficiencies, I hope that everyone will correct criticism.

Common properties of plastic

PC/ABS polycarbonate and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymers and mixtures Typical applications: computer and commercial machine housings, electrical equipment, lawn gardening machines, automotive parts dashboards, interior finishes, and wheel covers. Injection Molding Process Conditions : Drying: Drying before processing is a must. Humidity should be less than 0.04%. Recommended drying conditions are 90~110C for 2~4 hours.

Power tool housing injection mold design

In this paper, injection mold design of power tool casing is taken as an example to introduce design features of plastic injection mold tooling exported to Netherlands. Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy, located in northwest of Europe, European origin of famous Eurasian Continental Bridge. Europe is one of the most developed regions in the world for mold industry. Germany established its own mold standard system in 1950s. The most commonly used European injection molds standard are German HASCO standard.

What are injection molding process?

Injection molding process generally includes four stages of filling, holding, cooling, and demoulding. These four injection molding process stages directly determine molding quality of product, and the four injection molding process stages are a complete continuous process.

What are common mold flow analysis software?

Moldflow Analysis software features injection molding simulation tools to help you validate and optimize plastic parts, plastic injection moulding die and injection molding processes. Software provides guidance to plastic injection mold designer, mold makers, and engineers to demonstrate how wall thickness, gate location, material, and geometry changes affect manufacturability through simulation setup and results clarification. From thin-walled parts to thick-walled, rugged parts, Autodesk Moldflow's geometry support that helps users experiment with hypothetical solutions before final design decisions.

Keep a close watch for last step of die and mould design: check 13 parameters of injection molding machine

Matching die and mould design parameters with parameters of injection molding machine is one thing that must be done. It is like you bought a very beautiful dress, while it is not suitable for wearing, no matter how good it is. Mold is same, check parameters of injection molding machine is the last step. Don't wait for problem to pay attention, it is already late!

How to design gate of an injection moulding die?

Design of gate is related to size of plastic part, shape of injection moulding die, injection process conditions and performance of plastic part. However, in terms of basic functions, gate section is small and length is short, because only in this way can requirements of increasing flow rate, rapid cooling and closing, separation of plastic parts and minimum gate residue are satisfied.

Effect of cooling on quality of mold, maybe we have underestimated it!

Design of mold cooling system is a key factor in success of mold design, which directly affects quality and production efficiency of plastic products. In injection molding process, cooling time of plastic products in cavity accounts for 50% to 60% of entire molding cycle, cooling speed and uniformity directly affect quality of product. If design of cooling system is unreasonable, it will result in a long production cycle and high cost. On the other hand, uneven cooling will also cause warping deformation of product due to thermal stress, thereby affecting product quality.

Ten technologies and applications in mold industry in recent years

For a long time, injection molding industry has considered that geometrically balanced flow path design has provided the best natural balance of multi cavity mold, so properties of each cavity can be consistent (Consistency) (Figure 1A-D) ). Same concept of a naturally balanced runner system is also applied to condition of single cavity mold and multiple gates (Figure 1E).