Tablet PC back cover injection mold design

With development of computer technology, tablet computers are favored by users because of their advantages such as light weight, powerful functions, and convenient portability. Different brands and different types of tablet computers are emerging endlessly. In order to ensure its overall rigidity, portability, and aesthetics requirement, cover of tablet computers are usually injection molded from high-strength plastic. Now take back cover of a tablet computer as an example, combine use and performance requirements to analyze process, then use UG and MoldFlow software to carry out three-dimensional modeling, simulation analysis and optimization for problems generated, finally design injection mold structure based on this.

Let’s talk about principle of injection molds, take a look at structure disassembly

Injection molds are parts that give plastics shape and size during molding. Although structure of mold may vary due to variety and performance of plastics, shape and structure of plastic products, and type of injection machine, basic structure is consistent. Mold is mainly composed of three parts: gating system, molding parts and structural parts. Among them, gating system and molded parts are parts that are in direct contact with plastic, change with plastic and product. They are the most complicated and most varied parts of mold, require the highest processing finish and precision.

Plastic Form Filling Moldflow Analysis and Application

In traditional mold design and manufacturing process, because professional CAE software is not used, it is necessary to carry out multiple trials and mold repairs after mold is finished. In many cases, it involves modification of overall design, thereby making a large degree of change to mold, resulting in repeated repairs and trials. Moreover, repeated mold repair will cause changes in internal quality of mold (such as occurrence of internal stress), resulting in a decrease in performance of entire mold, so that quality of final plastic product cannot meet standard, and there is a possibility that mold is completely scrapped. Use of computer-aided CAE technology not only increases success rate of a test pattern, but also greatly improves quality, performance and cost of mold design and manufacturing. Before using computer-aided CAE technology, it is necessary to diagnose and repair mesh defects, reduce maximum aspect ratio to 8~10, and change number of free and intersecting edges, overlapping cells and intersecting cells of entire mesh to 0. Finally, check connectivity between flow channel and mesh.

Talk about generation of pores in die cast aluminum alloys

Pressure casting is a type of special casting. It is a method to obtain a casting by filling a cavity at a certain speed under action of liquid or semi-liquid metal and pressure. For die cast aluminum alloys, many factors are involved in production process, including materials, molds, equipment, and process parameters. In order to obtain high-quality die casting parts, to ensure that surface of die casting parts is smooth, clear in outline, dense in organization, and excellent in performance, it is necessary to comprehensively control all influencing factors in the process of die-casting.

Four stages of the development of home appliance molds

At the beginning of reform and opening up, household appliances carried people's longing for a better life, which is one of important signs of family's material living standards. In 40 years since reform and opening up, development of home appliance manufacturing industry has experienced rapid development from being unable to be self-sufficient, relying on ticket supply, to localization, challenging international home appliance giants, meeting people's high-end demand, and making China the world's largest home appliance manufacturing country.

Process sharing-TPU injection molding process

Hardness of TPU is usually expressed by internationally recognized Shore hardness. In general, A is expressed below 100 degrees, such as 80A, 90A, 95A, 98A, etc., and D is expressed above 100 degrees, such as: 50D, 60D, 64D, 71D, 74D, etc.