How to Improve Precision of Mold Polishing Quality?

In mold manufacturing process, forming portion of mold often requires surface polishing. Mastering polishing technology can improve quality and service life of mold, thus improve quality of product.


Analyze auto door molding process and its manufacturing process of plastic injection moulding

In recent years, proportion of plastic parts used in automobile production has become larger and larger. At present, interior and exterior parts of automobiles have basically realized plasticization, which plays an important role in reducing weight, saving cost and reducing fuel consumption.

Instructions for selection of injection moulded parts and materials

Injection molds are a tool for producing plastic molded products and a tool for giving plastic molded products complete structure and precise dimensions. Plastic injection molding is a processing method used in mass production of complex parts with certain shapes. Specifically, plastic melted by heat is injected into cavity by high pressure of plastic injection molding machine, and after solidification by cooling, a molded article is obtained.

Design Points of Automotive Lamp Mould that you must to know!

Car headlight reflector (also known as mirror) is a part of car headlight illumination system that reflects function to avoid direct light. It is located inside lens and decorative frame, assembled with lens. Lens can be seen from outside of lamp through lens. Plastic parts are appearance parts, surface is plated with aluminum, which belongs to high-gloss plated parts. Outer surface has a large area pattern for surface decoration. Lamp is an important safety device and decorative part essential for car. Mirror need to adopt a pre-formed integral molding compound (BMC) thermosetting plastic molding with a shrinkage rate of almost zero and heat resistance, flame retardancy and strong resistance. This material has been used in die-casting process. Due to low production efficiency and high scrap rate, and because it is harmful to human body, process of manual feeding and weighing is frequently required in production of die casting, thus bringing certain risks to health of operators. For this reason, it has become an inevitable trend to develop an injection moulding process for BMC materials instead of a die-casting process.

Mold exhaust is so important, you don’t even know?

Exhaust of polycarbonate injection molding is very important in plastic injection molding technology, but it is often overlooked or ignored by many people. During polycarbonate injection molding process, there is a large amount of air in cavity, and injection molding machine can shoot at a speed of bullet. In such a rapid filling process, air in cavity must be quickly discharged. Otherwise it will cause various problems on the product. Main issues are as follows:

Top ten elements of high-gloss seamless plastic injection mould design that you must know!

At present, most of exterior parts of household appliances are obtained by injection molding. In injection molding process, defects such as weld lines, gas marks, and deformation are prone to occur; high-gloss non-marking molds can solve above defects. Let's take a look at top ten elements of high-gloss seamless plastic injection mould design.

How to set your injection molding machine parameters?

How to set your injection molding machine parameters? - Some injection moulding machine setting experience from technician with a dozen years' injection experience. Injection Molding Machine Introduction Technology: Polycarbonate injection molding is an engineering technology that involves transforming plastic into useful and original products. Important process conditions for polycarbonate injection molding are temperature, pressure and corresponding individual time of action that affect plasticizing flow and cooling.

Technology of two color injection molding that every technician must to know!

Two color injection molding technology is also called double-material plastic injection molding technology, which is a technology that uses two plastic materials to mix and mold plastic products. Technical connotation is actually using a mold assembly to shape and weld molding work in the mold. Therefore fundamental principle is to plasticize two different plastic raw materials, and then use mold for welding installation, in order to achieve purpose of two shot injection molding.

Production and testing technology of helmets at home and abroad

Helmet, as a personal protective equipment for injuries of a natural person's head caused by falling objects or other specific factors, is increasingly valued by safety protection industry in all countries around the world especially in developed countries. Technological innovations are constantly being carried out, standard of helmets is updated to make safety helmets more secure, comfortable, portable, aesthetic, and personalized, and further protect safety of workers and meet individual needs.