Regardless of whether you are doing injection molding or molds: 18 essential basics please keep in mind

Melt usually flows from nozzle into gate, but for some molds, nozzle is part of mold because it extends to bottom of mold. There are two main types of nozzles: open-ended and closed-ended. In injection molding production, open-ended nozzles should be used because they are cheaper and less likely to stay. If injection moulding machine is equipped with a pressure relief device, then even lower viscosity melts can use this nozzle. Sometimes it is necessary to use a closed-end nozzle, which acts as a check valve, blocking plastic in injection cylinder. Make sure that nozzle is properly inserted into nozzle sleeve, top hole is slightly smaller than nozzle sleeve, which makes it easier for nozzle to withdraw from mold. Nozzle sleeve hole is 1mm larger than shooting nozzle, that is, nozzle radius is 0.5mm thinner than nozzle sleeve radius.

Mould Design Sharing-Design of Exhaust System

Position of exhaust system in mold is very important. Although exhaust system design is not complicated, it plays a vital role in normal injection of mold. Exhaust gas is gas that can be exhausted from mold during injection moulding. Model diagram is shown in Figure 3.130.

Several maintenance methods and application methods of zinc aluminum alloy die casting mold

Aluminum-zinc alloy die-casting die is classified as a process that is completed on special liquid aluminum-zinc alloy die-casting die forging machine. For aluminum-zinc alloy die-casting, aluminum-zinc alloy die-casting information, aluminum-zinc alloy die-casting machine and mold are all indispensable. In order to improve output power, brand quality and high economic benefits in process of production, and to allow aluminum-zinc alloy die-casting mold to have an extended life number, use and protection of aluminum-zinc alloy die-casting mold is very important.

Do you understand key points of plastic precision injection molding?

With rapid development of electronics, telecommunications, medical, automotive and other industries, requirements for high precision and performance of plastic products are increasing day by day. Precision injection molding requires not only high dimensional accuracy, low warpage, but also excellent optical properties. Injection moulding is one of the most important plastic molding methods. How to improve level of injection moulding technology, produce high-precision plastic products, and create high value-added products. Injection mold design is an important link.

Power tool housing injection mold design

In this paper, injection mold design of power tool casing is taken as an example to introduce design features of plastic injection mold tooling exported to Netherlands. Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy, located in northwest of Europe, European origin of famous Eurasian Continental Bridge. Europe is one of the most developed regions in the world for mold industry. Germany established its own mold standard system in 1950s. The most commonly used European injection molds standard are German HASCO standard.

Analysis of influencing factors on the number of injection molding cavity

Determination of number of injection molding cavity is an important part of structural design of injection moulding die. Determination of number of mold cavity is constrained by many factors. Reasonable determination of number of mold cavity is a prerequisite to ensure quality of plastic parts, reduce production costs, and give full play to equipment's production potential.

Research on Effect of Soft Nitriding Process on Properties of Die Casting Die Steel

Die casting mold is an important process equipment used in production process of die-casting, which has an important impact on quality of casting. Quality of die casting mold affects strength and surface quality of casting. Since liquid alloy enters cavity at a high temperature and high speed, it causes impact on mold parts, and die casting mold has higher requirements on wear resistance, corrosion resistance, strength and so on. Excellent molds can not only reduce frequency of replacement, reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, but also help to form excellent castings. Therefore, how to improve quality of die casting mold and extend their service life is an important issue to be solved in actual production and research. HHD steel is a new type of hot work die steel with high hardenability. It has good hardenability and can obtain a toughened structure of 10 ~ 20nm carbides with a layered structure between low-carbon lath martensite crystals and a dense oxide film resistant to high temperature oxidation. Soft nitriding process is widely used for improving wear resistance and corrosion resistance of die casting mold parts, and is used for surface treatment of mechanical structural parts or mold parts. Soft nitridation is process of infiltrating carbon and nitrogen atoms on the surface of materials through various chemical or physical means. Hardness and fatigue strength of surface nitrided layer structure after soft nitridation treatment are excellent, but research on soft nitridation system of die casting mold parts is still less. Effect of soft nitriding treatment temperature on properties of die-casting HHD steel is mainly studied.