Production experience of two shot injection molding

Now let’s talk about experience summary in daily production process of plastic injection molding. I believe that you are interested in learning and it is helpful.

What are types of special silicone?

Special silica gel has more special functions than ordinary silica gel, such as: high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, antistatic, flame retardant and fireproof, foaming, conductive, liquid, oil resistant, oil self-lubricating, etc. Special silica gel is a product independently researched and developed to meet unique performance of special products. It is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, industry, aviation, security, mother and baby, etc. Excellent performance of special silica gel has met people's high requirements for devices or consumer products in production and life, played an irreplaceable special role.

Headphone jack connector molding design

At present, most mobile phones also retain a wired headphone jack, which is a key component of connection between earphone and mobile phone. Although size of mobile phone is different, earphone jack connector is small, and accuracy of mobile phone assembly is high, so mold design has certain difficulty, especially connector with complicated shape and internal structure.

China reversed situation of mold industry in 10 years, Japanese media lamented that Japan’s technological advantage weakened

Japan Economic News reported on 21st that Japan's mold industry has ushered in a critical moment. Mold survey conducted by media from February to March showed that more than 70% of enterprises answered China as a “threat”. China has surpassed Japan in export volume of molds, ranking first in the world. As a manufacturing industry-based mold industry, its decline may affect overall competitiveness of Japanese manufacturing. In intensification of global scale competition, what is current status of Japanese mold company?

Influencing factors and application explanation of life of aluminum die

Aluminum die casting mold is a widely used mold at present. Because of long production cycle, large investment, and high manufacturing accuracy, cost is relatively high. Therefore, aluminum stamping is expected to have a longer service life. However, due to influence of a series of factors such as materials, machining, and use, mold often fails prematurely and is scrapped, causing great waste. Basic factors affecting service life of aluminum die and corresponding precautions are analyzed through selection, design, manufacture, and use of mold.

Common properties of plastic

PC/ABS polycarbonate and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymers and mixtures Typical applications: computer and commercial machine housings, electrical equipment, lawn gardening machines, automotive parts dashboards, interior finishes, and wheel covers. Injection Molding Process Conditions : Drying: Drying before processing is a must. Humidity should be less than 0.04%. Recommended drying conditions are 90~110C for 2~4 hours.

Regardless of whether you are doing injection molding or molds: 18 essential basics please keep in mind

Melt usually flows from nozzle into gate, but for some molds, nozzle is part of mold because it extends to bottom of mold. There are two main types of nozzles: open-ended and closed-ended. In injection molding production, open-ended nozzles should be used because they are cheaper and less likely to stay. If injection moulding machine is equipped with a pressure relief device, then even lower viscosity melts can use this nozzle. Sometimes it is necessary to use a closed-end nozzle, which acts as a check valve, blocking plastic in injection cylinder. Make sure that nozzle is properly inserted into nozzle sleeve, top hole is slightly smaller than nozzle sleeve, which makes it easier for nozzle to withdraw from mold. Nozzle sleeve hole is 1mm larger than shooting nozzle, that is, nozzle radius is 0.5mm thinner than nozzle sleeve radius.

Mould Design Sharing-Design of Exhaust System

Position of exhaust system in mold is very important. Although exhaust system design is not complicated, it plays a vital role in normal injection of mold. Exhaust gas is gas that can be exhausted from mold during injection moulding. Model diagram is shown in Figure 3.130.