(Medium Mold) Calculator Shell Injection Molding Mold Design

In modern industrial production, mold has become an important part of national economy. Mold production has touched many fields such as electrical appliances, instrumentation, construction equipment, automobile industry, daily hardware, etc. It is a high-tech industry with high efficiency, high quality, low cost, low energy consumption and low pollution. It is also a technology that our country attaches great importance to. This design selects current popular electronic product - calculator, and designed mold determines plastic part as calculator case.


30 standard requirements for plastic molding manufacturing

In order to improve quality of molds, greatly reduce complaints about mold quality problems, and ensure molds that are satisfactory to customers, common problems in mold manufacturing are summarized, standards are established and implemented as required.

Correct choice and use of mold spring – mold parts for plastic molding manufacturing

In a set of plastic molding, more elastic materials are needed, including various springs, superior rubber, and nitrogen springs. Different elastic materials are used in different plastic molding manufacturing according to different needs. For example, bending and punching can be done with ordinary flat wire springs, such as brown springs, also known as brown springs; excellent glue is generally used for drawing molds, shaping molds, or flatness.

Product structure details processing skills, four cases tell you improvement of plastic injection moulding process

If you have experience in structural design, I believe you will know that after plastic products are molded, some thick offsets, shrink marks and thin steels will be found. These seemingly simple problems are always exposed during subsequent processing and forming, and they will be overwhelmed during test. We usually have a simple report asking plastic injection molding manufacturer to solve them themselves. In fact, many details can be optimized when doing structure, and it is very helpful for subsequent plastic injection moulding process and product molding. Now Martin, technicians from Gud Mould Industry Limited which is a China plastic injection molding manufacturer, will share technical details of product structure, and tells you how to implement improvement of plastic injection moulding process through four cases.

A rare set of German injection mold design process and details!

Germany is one of the first countries in Europe to produce molds. Its mould manufacturing technology and quality have been recognized by users all over the world. It is well-known in the world and is one of the most important high-end mould suppliers in the world. After years of practice and exploration, German mould manufacturing companies have formed a consensus: whole industry must be coordinated, teamwork, technological innovation, learn from each other's strengths, make progress together, and play a good overall advantage to achieve industry success.

Injection molding design points of air purifier body!

Air purifiers, also known as "air cleaners", air purifiers, purifiers, are products that can adsorb, decompose or convert various air pollutants(generally including PM2.5, dust, pollen, odor, formaldehyde, etc.) and effectively improve air cleanliness. There are many different technologies and media in air purifier that enable it to provide clean and safe air to user.

Improvement method for common defects of thin wall injection molding

Thin wall injection molding technology is also known as thin-walled plastic injection molding technology. It is a small branch of modified plastic injection moulding process. There are three types of definitions: Ratio of flow length to thickness L/T, that is, injection moulding with a ratio of L (flow length from melt into mold to the farthest point of cavity that melt must be filled) to corresponding average wall thickness T of 100 or more is a thin wall injection molding;

Where do china mold factory choose to invest overseas?

Where do china mold factory choose to invest overseas? With development of modern industry, application of molds is more and more extensive. In products of automobiles, electronics, instrumentation, home appliances, aerospace, building materials, motors and communication equipment, about 60%-80% of parts and components must rely on moulding manufacturing process, it is called "mother of industry."

Difference between advantages of two shot molding, molding principle, structural form, technology and overmolding.

Double shot injection molding can make two different characteristics of resin and color into a single two-color product, which can reduce assembly and post-processing of molded products, save cost of dissolution and printing, increase aesthetic appearance of product, and enhance grade and added value of product. Below I will introduce difference between advantages of double shot injection molding, molding principle, structural form, technology and overmolding.

Detailed explanation of injection molding manufacturing process of 5 general-purpose plastics

"Plastic performance is foundation of injection molding technology". Mastering process performance and characteristics of various plastics is basic professional knowledge that every injection molding worker must understand. Performance of plastics is basis for setting "injection molding manufacturing process conditions". One of factors that must be considered when analyzing quality problems and anomalies that occur during injection molding manufacturing process.