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Mould design

Based on 3D product data provided by customers, with aim of high quality, low cost, excellent technology and strong structure, die structure data are designed according to requirements of customers’ standards, and summarized in the field processing and debugging to improve die structure data.

  • Help customers adjust wall thickness of products reasonably and find the best balance between product quality and production cost.
  • Predict weld mark, gas mark, trap and other defects of product appearance, predict and control them on the mould.
  • Predict product deformation, help customers to improve product assembly structure, pre-design to avoid deformation.
  • Reasonable arrangement of glue feeding and cooling system can achieve the best process effect and the most economical investment.
  • Provide optimized production process parameters to help customers solve product injection production problems.
  • Participate in product design to support customers, and carry out feasibility analysis of product and die structure, remove problem points in the early stage, save time and cost for die design and processing, and improve quality.

Mould production


Engineering Department determines exterior requirements of die cavity, structural accuracy requirements, and spare parts and manufacturing standards; then PE engineer makes process sheet and process control sheet; and determines difficulties, key points and error-prone points of the whole die processing for technical department to follow up, improve and supervise.

Our team is a high-quality team who is good at manufacturing high-demand and difficult moulds. Gud Mould’s employing system and salary system give them new technical ability and a stronger sense of responsibility. “Act now, deal with it immediately” is our mantra and inertia.

  • Mould making: NC layered processing combination is used to detect model defects through photographic scanning measurement and design comparison.
  • NC Machining: All 2D parts of die base and insert are processed by three-axis NC, and all 3D parts are processed by five-axis high-speed NC after quenching, so as to ensure machining accuracy to ensure quality of mould.
  • Research and debugging: Independently form a debugging team with more than five years’ experience and specialize in debugging.

Product Production

With vertical, horizontal and dual-color moulding imported all-electric equipment, Gud Mould have rich manufacturing experience for high-light, special engineering materials, transparent, electroplating products, forming technology is in the forefront of injection industry. Continuous application of automation devices greatly enhance efficiency and ensure product stability. Use of all-electric injection moulding equipment and automated production process, Different types of monochrome and multi-color forming machine equipment from 30 to 1300 tons, continuous improvement, excellence, full participation in improving quality, efficiency and cost, constantly improve customer satisfaction, and strive to becom industry leader!

Gud Mould has independent engineering department, quality control department and injection department, which ensures quality of injection moulding products and makes production process more scientific and stable. We know performance of PP, POM, PVC, PC, PPS, PBT, PA46, PA6, injection molding process, mold technology. We are proficient in hot oil machine, oil pressure core-pulling, hot runner, casting and other technology.


Provide customers with large-scale assembly and manufacturing operations, integrated assembly and manufacturing services including project, process technology, production, manufacturing, warehouse, quality etc., Gud Mould have a modern dust-free workshop, adopt 6S on-site production management, implement target index management for each team, and follow up the whole production process in real time. We pay attention to skill training and assessment of operators, implement independent inspection of 3P, strictly control product traceability, comprehensively guarantee quality control of assembly process, ensure quality of customer products, and provide customers with the most lean assembly manufacturing production.