Analysis of influencing factors on the number of injection molding cavity

Determination of number of injection molding cavity is an important part of structural design of injection moulding die. Determination of number of mold cavity is constrained by many factors. Reasonable determination of number of mold cavity is a prerequisite to ensure quality of plastic parts, reduce production costs, and give full play to equipment's production potential.

How to design gate of an injection moulding die?

Design of gate is related to size of plastic part, shape of injection moulding die, injection process conditions and performance of plastic part. However, in terms of basic functions, gate section is small and length is short, because only in this way can requirements of increasing flow rate, rapid cooling and closing, separation of plastic parts and minimum gate residue are satisfied.

Injection Molding Conformal Cooling, May Needs 1,500 Metal 3D Printer in the Future

According to relevant data, conformal cooling technology of injection molding was first proposed by Professor Sachs of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1997. He believes that this technology will be one of the four main applications of 3d printing technology. After 20 years of continuous development of 3d printing technology, scale application of this technology in mold industry has also been confirmed. According to data, in some molding factory, current conformal cooling mold business has accounted for 40% of total business.

Application of Moldflow Software in Plastic Injection Mould Design

Moldflow is a professional injection moulding die simulation tool software, which is of great significance for verifying and optimizing process of injection molding, injection moulding die and plastic parts. To this end, we analyzed injection molding manufacturing process based on Moldflow in detail, combined with processing of a mobile phone shell model to analyze application of Moldflow software in plastic injection mould design, analyze precautions in process flow, and improve efficiency and quality of moldflow application.