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Trouble shooting and preventive treatment after mold is locked

In injection molding work, everyone often encounters confusion that mold suddenly cannot be opened after mold is locked. Author combines our own daily maintenance work notes, analyzes and summarizes possible factors of failure to mold opening from setting of process parameters, circuit, oil circuit and mechanical part. I would like to share with you here, if there are any deficiencies, I hope that everyone will correct criticism.

Mould Design Sharing-Design of Gating System (Part 1)

Gating system is one of five major systems in the design of plastic molds. Its design will affect product ranking, number of mold cavities, form of mold structure, choice of injection moulding machine size, level of injection molding costs, level of mold manufacturing costs, difficulty of mold manufacturing, pressure, post-processing methods and costs during manufacturing. Slight effects will cause product to appear burrs, shrinkage, deformation, air lines, pinching, trapped air, easy to crack, difficult to cut, difficult to repair, difficult to take, difficult to take, etc .; serious effects will make product unable to produce, unfilling injection, obvious and severe clamping, product burnt, damage to appearance, bending of mold core, dragging product to scrap, unable to perform post-processing, unable to package, unable to distinguish left and right, etc.

Discussion on Design of Delayed Core-pulling Structure of "Classical Mould"

In the design, some structures are very representative, and it is easy to make practice and perfect. The following example is the case, including double-section change, delay core-pulling, and pumping structure similar to Huff.

Comment on overall situation of die casting mold industry at home and abroad

Since 1997, state has successively included molds, their processing technologies and equipment in "Catalogue of Industries, Products and Technologies that State currently encourages to develop" and "Catalogue of Industries that Encourage Foreign Investment", and has implemented preferential policies for value-added tax return on some key professional mold factories; in 1999, state also included related mold technology and products into "Guidelines (List) of Key Hi-tech Industrialization Priorities for Current National Priority Development" issued by State Planning Commission and Ministry of Science and Technology. Above measures have all promoted rapid development of China's mold industry.

5 points that can not be ignored for design of strong release mechanism of plastic undercut molding

In mold design, use of strong release mechanism for product undercut is also a style of plastic mold release mechanism. Not all similar undercut can be used in this mechanism, and several factors affecting reverse buckle are considered. One: Is there any space for undercut deformation? Two: Is material property suitable for strong release? Three: How big is product reverse deduction? Will it break buckle? Four: Is position of undercut reasonable? Have you considered maximum ejector force position and ejector balance? Five: Is there any R angle added to fragile position?

Production experience of two shot injection molding

Now let’s talk about experience summary in daily production process of plastic injection molding. I believe that you are interested in learning and it is helpful.

What are types of special silicone?

Special silica gel has more special functions than ordinary silica gel, such as: high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, antistatic, flame retardant and fireproof, foaming, conductive, liquid, oil resistant, oil self-lubricating, etc. Special silica gel is a product independently researched and developed to meet unique performance of special products. It is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, industry, aviation, security, mother and baby, etc. Excellent performance of special silica gel has met people's high requirements for devices or consumer products in production and life, played an irreplaceable special role.

Headphone jack connector molding design

At present, most mobile phones also retain a wired headphone jack, which is a key component of connection between earphone and mobile phone. Although size of mobile phone is different, earphone jack connector is small, and accuracy of mobile phone assembly is high, so mold design has certain difficulty, especially connector with complicated shape and internal structure.

This article can solve most of your questions about internal stress of injection molding products

Plastic products tend to generate internal stress during injection molding process. If they are not eliminated, subsequent spraying will be bad. This article will focus on following core issues.

China reversed situation of mold industry in 10 years, Japanese media lamented that Japan’s technological advantage weakened

Japan Economic News reported on 21st that Japan's mold industry has ushered in a critical moment. Mold survey conducted by media from February to March showed that more than 70% of enterprises answered China as a “threat”. China has surpassed Japan in export volume of molds, ranking first in the world. As a manufacturing industry-based mold industry, its decline may affect overall competitiveness of Japanese manufacturing. In intensification of global scale competition, what is current status of Japanese mold company?